Sale of the La Corte del Inglés brand

La Corte del Inglés is registered in class 42 for digital content hosting, specifically online newspapers and blogs.


The competitive advantage of the La Corte del Inglés brand is its great similarity to one of the most representative brands in Spain, El Corte Inglés. It is a leading company in Europe in the area of department stores and other services.

In terms of the ranking of advertising advertisers in Spain, the El Corte Inglés brand is among the top positions.

1st Volkswagen Group Spain: 84.5 million euros

2nd El Corte Inglés: 74.0 million euros 

3rd L’Oreal Spain: EUR 69.6 million


The value of the El Corte Inglés brand according to a report by the Kantar company published in 2020 is 1,233 million euros.


The total investment in advertising by all El Corte Inglés companies, in all media and formats, reached 225.7 million euros in 2019.


Due to this strong advertising investment, the El Corte Inglés brand enjoys a historic and unbeatable POSITIONING IN THE MIND OF THE MEDIUM SPANISH USER.

The future buyer of the brand could use the name of La Corte del Inglés to carry out a novel marketing strategy using the words «Corte e Inglés». This strategy could even take away the historic positioning of El Corte Inglés.

The uses that could be made of the La Corte del Inglés brand range from the creation of an AFFILIATION MARKETING blog that would point directly to a company’s products or services, to the launch of a Huffinton Post style DIARY that could well serve as an advertising platform for the commercial interests of the future buyer. It goes without saying that these interests should not be exclusively commercial.

On the other hand, through a class extension, the future buyer could develop from a PRODUCT COMPARATOR, to a MARKETPLACE, or even an ECOMMERCE. The objective is none other than to be able to achieve that the new digital hosting would have the capacity to generate a large volume of traffic.

Class extensions could be carried out by referring to the court ruling that confirmed in full registration of the brand.

It can be read in it:

FIFTH – Taking into account the doctrine set out in the previous legal basis, and taking into account the specific circumstances of the case, the Board reaches the same conclusion as that set out in the contested administrative decisions, since it considers that there are sufficient verbal, phonetic, conceptual and graphic disparities between the signs in question to guarantee mutual differentiation, and that any risk of error or confusion in the market is excluded.

Source: Judgment of the High Court of Justice of Madrid.

Those interested in purchasing the mark La Corte del Inglés should contact at the telephone number 605 663 177.

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